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European Opportunities





Investment Objectives

Investment Objectives

The aim of Farringdon European Opportunities is to deliver strong risk adjusted returns and outperform the MSCI Europe Small Cap Net Return Index based on in-depth fundamental research across industries and market capitalisations in the European stock universe. The instruments used will be, among others, equities and related financial instruments such as, on an ancillary basis, derivatives.

Monthly Net Asset Value for Share Class F (EUR)

In this table you can find the NAV for each last business day of the month since inception of Farringdon European Opportunities. The NAV is available and published on the first business day of the following month. 

Monthly Performance % For Share Class F (EUR)

This table shows the monthly performance percentages since inception of Farringdon European Opportunities. The last column shows the performance for each historic year and the year to date performance for the current year.

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